Disability & BBBEE

The employment, training, and empowerment of persons with a disability can have a significant positive impact on BBBEE, beyond those elements which deal directly with disability.

*Priority element
BBBEE Code Element Description Allocation Points
Code 200 Management Control
(Employment Equity)
Black employees with disabilities
as a percentage of all employees
2% 2 points
*Code 300 Skills Development Spend on black disabled employees
as a percentage of payroll
0.30% 4 points
*Code 300 Skills Development Number of unemployed & employed
black people participating in training specified in learning programmes matrix
as a percentage of number of employees
2.5% each (employed & unemployed 4 points each
*Code 300 Skills Development Bonus Points: Number of black people absorbed by the measured Entity and Industry at the end of the learnership programme 100% 5 points
*Code 400 Enterprise & Supplier Development A number of options are available for procuring from and developing Enterprises established for the upliftment of persons who are black and have a disability Multiple Allocations 40 points
Code 500 Socio Economic Development Monetary or non-monetary contributions initiated or implement in favour of beneficiaries with the specific objective of facilitating income generating activities for targeted beneficiaries 1% NPAT 5 points

Benefits for our Learn to Earn employees and learners with a disability

  • Having the opportunity to be upskilled and receiving a registered qualification in a supportive environment
  • Being meaningfully employed in the open-labour market with support from the Khulisani team