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Community Outreach Projects

Established in 2003, Employability Vulindlela, is a S18 Non-Profit and Public Benefit Organisation focusing on the upliftment of persons from disadvantaged backgrounds.
Employability Vulindlela works closely with Khulisani in identifying, supporting and delivering on a range of upliftment projects in various rural communities.

Sustainable Living Projects

It is recognised and acknowledged that not every association has the environment, capacity or resources to manage community outreach projects. Khulisani has developed an end to end model to ensure that the limitations some communities face, do not preclude the upliftment of persons from disadvantaged communities. In these projects, Khulisani together with the local community will work together to ensure long term education around sustainable living for people from disadvantaged backgrounds

Molweni Vegetable Gardens

Khulisani, in partnership with UKZN, identified a need to assist a group of unemployed rural woman to establish community vegetable gardens in Molweni. The aim of the project was to support the community in establishing vegetable gardens and in the process to utilise the skills being learnt in the Khulisani Agriculture Academy as a resource to the community. In doing so our aim was to demonstrate to both the Academy Learners as well as the local community the impact that persons with a disability can have in a community.

Sweetwaters Community Youth Project

Khulisani, in partnership with Umzansi Youth in Business have set up a project that will empower, upskill and develop the youth in the community so they too can uplift their home environment and ultimately become self-sustainable in the future.

Upliftment of Rural Community Projects

Khulisani has recognized that there are huge inequalities between better resourced urban and neglected
rural communities impending on the provision of and access to adequate nutrition and education. Rural
communities still lag far behind in education and are particularly hard hit by poverty and hunger. It is
with this that Khulisani has identified the need to uplift rural schools and communities and provide
important nutrition to those that are especially hard hit by food securities during the Covid-19

Corrie Lynn Primary School Upliftment Project

Khulisani’s focus in partnering with Corrie Lynn Primary School is to improve the environment through infrastructure upgrades and support the learning programme by impacting on the health of the learners. Through our certified Dairy we aim to provide each child at Corrie Lynn Primary School with 250ml of fresh milk on each school day.

Milk, Maas and Food distribution Project

In response to the covid-19 epidemic, in March 2020, Khulisani started a feeding scheme in targeted Pietermaritzburg, Hilton and KZN Midlands communities. Since the lockdown commenced in South Africa on the 27th March, we have been donating on a zero cost basis, the majority of our milk and amasi produced to local feeding schemes, providing much needed nutrition to impoverished rural communities and inner city feeding schemes.
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